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About us

The International Feedlance Group of Companies specializes in the development, production and export of nutritional products for agricultural animals. The Feedlance Group produces and designs the products in the Netherlands and has a broad distribution network in the countries of the CIS and the Middle East.

In recent years, The Feedlance Group has gained the reputation of an innovative  European designer  of different feed supplements such as premixes, Farm Minerals, Animal Health Products, prestarters and milkreplacers. The Feedlance products are produced in the most modern  production facilities in the Netherlands.

The Feedlance Group products are designed according to the nutritional standards as developed by leading institutes like  Wageningen, Schothorst and CVB. The Feedlance Group experts also integrate knowledge as generated in other parts of the world, like US, France and Germany.

Feedlance Group works very closely together with various partners, such as the globally renowned dutch laboratory BLGG AgroXpertus.