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Feedlance Group works very closely together with BLGG AgroXpertus. BLGG AgroXpertus laboratory was founded in 1928 in the Netherlands. Today it has a global network and is a globally acknowledged expert in  in the analysis of forages . BLGG AgroXpertus uses the quality control system certified according to international standard BS EN ISO 17025. The system has been validated and approved by the Accreditation Council with assigned accreditation number L122.

BLGG AgroXpertus uses the precise method of Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy. The near-infrared emission (780-2500 nanometer in wavelength) allows relatively small amount of light to be absorbed, which lets the samples to be analyzed directly, without diluting them or any other preliminary processing.

In the BLGG head office in the Netherlands, which occupies more than 10.000 square meters, as much as 500 000 samples annually are tested. The forage  analysis comprises more than 35 parameters. They include  the basic of them  like humidity ,crude protein, crude  fiber,  sugar, starch etc. BLGG also executes more innovative analysis like bypass starch, digestibility values and degradation values. This type of analysis enables a much more precise  evaluation of the quality of the forage. This helps the Feedlance experts to design  rations according to minimum costs and  maximum effectivity.