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The Feedlance company is constantly working to ensure  the quality of its products. Top quality standards are applied when producing and the different feed supplements.  All raw materials  used  are analyzed in the in-house laboratory. Consideration is given to raw material safety indicators, like– the presence of mycotoxins, pesticides and the level of bacterial pollution. The chemical and organoleptic properties of raw materials, their nutritional parameters like  (crude protein, fiber, fat, , etc)  essential for the formulation of the products are continuously monitored. for the feeding system are being constantly studied.

At the production facilities, strict  quality control procedures are implemented. Ingredient suppliers are continuously monitored for reliability and stability. Procedures are implemented to ensure all production processes go in the correct way. Feedlance only works with production facilities that are  certified according to international GMP Plus and ISO 22000:2005 standards, which are based on HACCP principles.