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Feedlance became a part of EuroTier-2014

Feedlance B.V. participated in the world’s leading trade fair for animal production EuroTier – 2014 that took place in Hannover (Germany) on November 11-14, 2014.

More than 156 thousand farmers from 49 countries around the world visited EuroTier-2014, where they presented new technologies, technical solutions, innovations and trends in the development of livestock industry.

For the first time in its history Feedlance has joined global innovations by taking part in EuroTier-2014. As part of the exhibition, international group of companies Feedlance presented its portfolio on feeding programs for livestock and poultry farming. The visitors had the opportunity to meet with international experts on various aspects of animal husbandry – Peter Van Dooren, Peter-Jan Maas and others, who integrate their experience to modern tasks in farming on all continents.

For Feedlance participation in the largest agricultural business forum represents reaching a new stage of development, the ability to extend its expansion into the international market, to strengthen partnerships in the regions of Feedlance presence (in particular, in the CIS countries) and to establish contacts with partners from such dynamic economic regions, as BRIC and MINT.

Today, the world agriculture is facing great challenges that arise on the background of socio-political demands and increasingly fluctuating markets. A great number of exhibitors who take part in EuroTier for many years as well as a growing number of new participants confirm stable interest in animal farming.

Peter van Dooren, CEO of Feedlance B.V., comments on his impression of the exhibition: “EuroTier-2014 is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world of agriculture. The event stands for a platform for successful maintenance of the existing network and creation of new contacts.

As always, a lot of innovations were presented at EuroTier-2014. I can distinguish several major ones:

  • Dairy Farm Automation. It is obvious that automation will not be limited to simple use of milking robot systems. Feeding will also be more automated and it is likely that in the future the farm can be fully controlled by a single computer.
  • Tools. A new trend in livestock farming is the use of tools that allow you to monitor the health and development of the animal. In dairy farming they help to prevent early stages of such diseases as mastitis, ketosis and acidosis, which can seriously increase the efficiency of dairy farms.
  • Organic feeding. Another new trend is the development of companies that offer special blends for animal health, based on essential oils, herbs and spices. Feedlance is already working in this direction and ready to present portfolio of such products in the near future. At the moment we are choosing a reliable supplier, because we want to present the range of products with a proven and repeatable performance.

The principle “Start is shaping the future” remains urgent. More and more experts come to believe that quality feed is the key to effective technical and economic performance of livestock growing.

I would say that EuroTier is a source of inspiration. After visiting the exhibition, I made sure that we do our work in a right direction and pay attention on what is important to our customers.”

Peter van Dooren also shared his plans and ideas on Feedlance development in 2015.

“First of all, we created a feeding program for different types of animals that will be implemented in 2015. We will keep on updating and improving our product line. In 2015 we plan to focus more on young animals, developing innovative solutions for feeding that support the growth and development in the early stages.

Second, we will work on improving our team, a lot of time and effort will be invested in training and developing our staff.”