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Feedlance specialists have developed products for cattle with high level of micro- and macroelement digestibility and optimum of energy levels to enrich the animals` ration. Products of Feedlance ™ contain innovative components that help to increase the dairy productivity of your milking herd.


During the dairy period, the basis of the calf`s nutrition is milk or its adequate replacers. Raising calves on whole milk is not commercially profitable; hence it is interesting  to partly replace whole milk with or CMR. Feedlance offers a complete portfolio of milkreplacers.


EuroMilk Naturel — whole milk replacer (CMR) for calves used right after colostral milk. The product contains easily digestible sources of protein, fat and carbohydrates, which stimulate large weight gain.

EuroMilk Primo — calf milk replacer (CMR), which we recommend to use from the 15-th day of the calf`s life. Acidifiers in EuroMilk formula are performing the “anti-bacterial barrier” function and are increasing the activity of the ferments.

CalfAtlant Gusto — prestarter feed used from the 4-th day of life till the 3 months of age. Prestarter is aimed at intensive rumen development, which allows avoiding the decrease of daily average gain after withdrawal from calf rearing.

 CalfAtlant Gusto М — prestarter feed, which we recommend using from the 4-th day of life till the 3 months of age. Prestarter facilitates the development of the calf`s immune system and prevents the acidotic state build-up in the rumen.


The dry period is crucial for health, fertility and productivity of the cows during the next lactation. During this period, the fetus, uterus, placenta and amniotic fluid are intensively developing, and the lacteal gland is actively preparing for lactation.


AvaVit Dry — premix for the dry period, which provides the cow`s system with the necessary minerals and vitamins. Feeding rate: 100—200 grams per cow daily.


During the lactation period (especially at high productivity) it is important that the cows  constantly receive sufficient nutrients and are able digest them. Adequate feed consumption and digestion will provide the cows with good health, high productivity and good fertility. Their milk production level will become high and contain a high level of fat and protein.


AvaVit Lacto Optima — vitamin and mineral premix for milking herd during the entire lactation period, which stimulates the increase of cows` reproductive function.

Avavit Lacto Maxima — vitamin and mineral premix for milking herd aimed at increasing fertility and prolonging the cows` reproductive age.

AvaVit Lacto Synchrono — vitamin and mineral premix for milking herd during the entire lactation period containing the sources of slow and fast release nitrogen.

AvaVit Buffer — special feed additive aimed at acidosis prevention and rumen pH control.

AvaStar Viva — special energy additive for feeding cows right after calving.