This is a fundamental difference between our approach and most companies in the field of feed production.
We don't just make feed, we make the livestock business profitable. Our goal is to provide solutions that will take your company's economy to a new level!

Feedlance — customized comprehensive solutions for livestock and poultry

Our mission
We strive for the most efficient business in the field of animal husbandry and poultry farming through the introduction of the latest feeding technologies.

The key to our growth is the stable development of our partners' business.
  • 10 years
    More than 10 years on the market
  • +3000
    More than 3,000 comprehensive projects
  • +100
    high-class specialists, researchers in various of animal husbandry
  • 3
    Offices in 3 countries. 3 production plants feed and fodder supplements
Feedlance BV —
an international company specializing in the development and implementation of customized diets and programs with headquarters in the Netherlands and regional offices in Ukraine and Uganda.
  • Our specialization
    • Development of economically sound feeding rations;
    • Animal housing systems;
    • Veterinary care and reproduction programs;
    • Technological consulting and business process management at livestock and poultry complexes.
  • We develop comprehensive solutions:
    • High-quality forages and feed additives;
    • Design of construction of livestock complexes;
    • Equipment for animal husbandry;
    • Service and consulting.

Own trademarks
Our objects
We have our own high-tech plants in Africa and Europe that produce feed for farm animals.
Operating complex in Afriсa
Kampala, Uganda

Production capacity: 400 tons per m ready feed in operation since 2016 Construction of a new complex:
  • Total area of premises 4000 m2
  • Capacity: 10 – 18 tons per hour
  • Land plot — 1 hectares
Products: complete ready-to-eat feed, concentrates for pig feed, poultry (egg and meat), cattle livestock (cattle).

The plant was built with the support of the Dutch government.

Operating complex in Ukraine
Polovinchik village, Monastiryshchensky district, Cherkasy region

Production capacity: 4.2 tons per hour in operation since 2011 Construction of a new complex:
  • Total area of premises 7135 m²
  • Capacity: 10 - 18 tons per hour
  • Commissioning: 4-th quarter 2021
  • Land plot — 3.1 hectares
Products: premixes, protein and vitamin supplements, concentrates, blends, pig feed, poultry (egg and meat), cattle livestock (cattle)

Operating complex in Ukraine
Korzhi village, Kyiv region

Operating complex:
  • Production capacity: 10 tons per hour
  • In operation since 2012
  • Capacities for storage of bulk raw materials in external storage 2 100 tons.
  • Availability of operational bunkers of general with a capacity of 1 000 tons.
  • Possibility of unloading products directly to cars or for further packing.
Products: complete ready-to-eat feed, concentrates for pig feed, poultry (egg and meat), cattle livestock (cattle).

The plant was built with the support of the Dutch government.

Our values
Team is our most valuable resource. That is why we constantly invest in the training and development of our employees
We strive for long-term partnership, built on the principle win-win, absolute transparency relationship, trust and openness.
We value our reputation, trust clients and business partners, we always strive keep it in all aspects of the activity.
We preach innovation, constantly looking for new ideas, introducing bold initiative, we are not afraid failures, learning from own experience. Our products, solutions for business, processes and approaches are continuously improving. Our requirements for ourselves are constantly growing.
We appreciate efficiency, we are not working for the sake of the process, and to achieve specific goals, directed on the development of our companies, our customers. We never do not stop on the achieved, continuously improving.
We show expertise and professionalism in everything we do, we form an environment in which people can show their ability, constantly improving our knowledge and skills.
Today the company employs more than 700 people. Including 100 high-class specialists in various areas of animal husbandry.
The company also employs world-class technical directors.
High-class specialists
Our experts
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and make our clients happy
  • Peter van Dooren
    CTO, Word-class expert by cattle. Managing Partner Feedlence B.V.
Social sponsibility
Feedlance BV Is a socially responsible company that has been actively working in this direction since its inception.
As an innovative company, we believe that our mission is to open new opportunities for the development of customers' business and create opportunities for the active development of animal husbandry in general.
These principles are the basis of the company's corporate social responsibility strategy, the main directions of which are:
We are a highly efficient, flexible company. Our offerings combine innovative approaches to product and processes, advanced technologies, world standards of quality and service, which include environmental aspects of production, including pollution control in business operations, prevention or elimination of environmental damage resulting from recycling and conservation
of natural resources.
Human resources
We show expertise and professionalism in everything we do, create an environment in which people can show their abilities, constantly improve their knowledge and skills.

These measures include recruitment practices, training programs, wage levels, additional benefits plans, job security, and labor stability.
With our innovative solutions, we inspire customers and partners to always be one step ahead. Thus we develop the industry!
Head office
  1. Heikantsebaan, 7 5507 PJ Veldhoven The Netherlands
Regional office
  1. “Premium Industry” Business Center, Holosiivskyi Avenue, 42, 03039, Kyiv, Ukraine
Regional office
  1. Block 187, Plot 81, Nakapinyi, Nama, Mbalala, Mukono District, Kampala, Uganda
.Regional office
  1. Block F, Plot 540 "MKULIMA HOUSE", Nelson Mandela Road Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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