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The Feedlance B.V. Group of Companies focuses on the creation, production and sales of nutritional products for farm animals.

Feedlance B.V. products are designed and manufactured in the best high-tech factories in the Netherlands, Ukraine and Uganda. The company has a wide distribution network in the CIS countries, Africa and the Middle East.

Over the years, Feedlance B.V. has established itself not only as an innovative European manufacturer of feed ingredients such as premixes, Farm Minerals, animal health products, prestarters and whole milk replacers, but also as a supplier of advanced feed technologies that help to improve the efficiency of the end-user business through a powerful service support and highly professional consulting support.

Feedlance B.V. products are designed according to the nutritional standards which are developed by leading institutes like Wageningen, Schothorst and CVB. The Feedlance B.V. Group experts also integrate knowledge generated in other parts of the world, like US, France and Germany.

Feedlance B.V. works very closely together with various partners, such as the globally well-known Dutch laboratory Eurofins Agro (BLGG AgroXpertus).